We went Joyden Canton for a nice chinese meal to celebrate hubby’s birthday and the meal was unexpectedly expensive albeit tasty.

The most expensive dish we ordered was a cereal-lobster which was so delish but I think that small portion cost more than $50 alone. We had about 4 dishes only, all small portions, and bill came up to about $160! 😱

That’s me and my favourite girl. I love to take wefies with her as I love her smile.

Ryder saw me trying to take a picture of him and deliberately gave me that expression. Qi si wo le.

Birthday man was happy of course. He smiled gamely once he saw his Baobei trying to snap a pic of him. He’s a chinese-food-person while I am forever a steak-person. When I first heard of people suffering from gout and learnt that one of the main causes is red meat, I was horrified. Hahaha!

My girl took this picture of her dessert which was fried ice cream. Ryder and her each got one. The novelty of eating ice cream in a fried form made them so excited that they finished their dessert so quickly. 10 times faster than eating their main course.

We actually did order some fish soup for the kids to share but it was so disappointing cos they added rice wine and they claimed it was fresh fish when we gave feedback that it was so fishy! The fish taste and smell was overpowering. Yucks. But the rest of the dishes were really good.

I like the dishes we had at dinner that night. A pity no more dim sum available for order at night so I think we need to go back some day to try their dim sum.


It has been years since I touched this site. I was rather actively updating on dayre till I became busy and stopped updating dayre so actively, then now dayre is dying. Ok, so back to here it’s fine. Just need a space to remind myself of some happy memories.

Most people only want to showcase happy pictures and give people a positive impression of them, but I also want to be honest and have a space to rant at times, in fact many times. So I would appear as an angry or petty person many times. Not denying that. Haha

In my last blogpost years ago, I said I was busy with my toddler, who’s pictured on the right. Now she’s the one on the left. Lol. Years have passed, of cos she has grown!

In fact I have a new addition to my family, and he’s also quite big now:

His name is Ryder. I didn’t name him after Paw Patrol. First heard of that name from the TW artist Alex, that’s his son’s name too. So I thought it was an easy name. I don’t like long names like “Genevieve”, or even my own name because writing on every single page of your exam paper can be a huge chore! Sorry, I have absolutely no grudge against people with long names. 🤗

Bernice has also started primary school and it’s not as relaxing as I had thought.

That’s my happy go lucky girl. I am thankful she’s very “unaware” and happy go lucky because it means even if shit comes her way, she doesn’t know and is still smiling, but as her parents, we are the ones freaking out and getting insomnia at night as we worry. 😢

K ending abruptly now cos I need to dig some food out for my breakfast. Bye!

Ok I have been missing from my blog for many years! Partly cos busy looking after my hyperactive baby/toddler and also cos it’s troublesome to blog here. It feels v tough and long winded for me to upload my pics onto flickr before copying the link to the pics here.

Anyway I still blog on this app called dayre quite frequently, since Nov last year. My dayre account name is @bevtan or u can view web version at http://dayre.me/bevtan.

And in case u would be happy to share my joy, I would also like to say I am pregnant now! In fact delivering in a day’s time on May 22 (csection). Haha ok Thanks in advance for any congratulations! It’s a baby boy this time. My girl is currently 30 mths old already:)

bye! Gonna try zzz now tho baby is turning my stomach upside down now. Having fun perhaps!

Picture taken about 1 year after testing. The 2 lines have become even more faint. 🙂

Yesterday’s episode of 康熙来了 had a few pregnant or previously pregnant TW artistes/wives to talk about their pregnancy experience. One of them said that she tested 10 different pregnancy test kits before her husband and her finally believed that she was pregnant. Sounds crazy but I can imagine the disbelief because I have been through it.

I used to go for monthly Brazilian IPL sessions before my pregnancy and would always do a pregnancy test (on the kit) before the appointment (we were not supposed to do any IPL if we were pregnancy). That fateful day, a Friday, coincidentally both of us were on leave and he wanted to send me to the place to have my IPL done. So after peeing in the toilet and doing the test, I was shocked to see 2 faint lines on the kit. I seriously doubted the results because it was a Watsons brand test kit (too cheap what!) and I just had my period 4 weeks ago, so how could the results be so clear so early?! Anyway being the panicky me, I ran out of the toilet to tell Yh about it and he was also in disbelief. I remember him being very calm and quiet about it, didn’t look happy or sad, probably he was just too shocked. Hahaha. I quickly cancelled the IPL appointment and went to the nearest Watsons to buy another test kit. This time, it was a professional looking one, I forgot the brand, but it costs twice as much as the Watsons brand one and it says something like “very-sensitive-test-kit”. Basically, I wanted a reliable test kit that could test for one’s pregnancy as early as 4 weeks gestation.

OMG even the expensive test kit was quite unpro and had 2 faint lines. But there were really 2 lines. That marked the end of my “fun” (I didn’t test any further) and I resigned to fate that Bernice was coming to my world to torture me. Hahaha…

There, she has just woken up and shouting for me again, as if shouting for her palace maid. Ciao!

Picture taken when she was 6 weeks old 

This is my first post about my baby ever since she was born. She is 3 months old now. Life has been hectic, stressful and yet fruitful so far. Instead of focussing on the hair-pulling aspects of motherhood, I would rather share with you what I am fond of, with regard to my baby, Bernice.

1) I enjoy cutting her finger and toe nails. It’s so delightful seeing mini-sized nails, the feeling is something like opening up polly pockets and playing with the mini-sized characters. Besides, after cutting her fingernails, I know the likelihood of her scratching her owm face is largely reduced.

2) I love tickling her, however torturous it may appear to onlookers. Sometimes she responds with a wide grin, sometimes no response at all.

3) I like changing her diapers, even if it is soiled with a lot of smelly poo. At least this tells me she doesn’t have constipation and she will feel clean wearing a new diaper.

4) I like her crying and screaming for attention from me, although it can get stressful when I am expressing milk or having my meals. After her 2nd month’s vaccination. she was feeling so upset with the pain and had a slight fever, thus making her lethargic and grumpy for days. Seeing her with the cooling plaster on her forehead makes my heart pain, and how I wished she would come disturb me with her usual crying and screaming.

5) My most favourite activity now is playing with her, as she always smiles so happily when I do so! 🙂

6) I love kissing her cheeks and head, guess all parents would find their children the most adorable in the world and can’t resist kissing them too!

7) I enjoy taking pictures of her using my Iphone, because that is my way of recording her growth and not missing out on her facial changes.

8) It’s heartwarming to hear her snore, although it sounds v piggy. She snores like her father and I know she is sound asleep when she starts snoring.

9) I like her cooing sounds, especially when I play or talk to her. At least she sounds as if she is trying to tell me something, and I feel connected with her.

Hopefully, I find more enjoyable things of motherhood and that Bernice can read these stuffs her mother wrote about her, say 20 years later? 🙂

Refreshing Coke Mixture

Yh mixed an innovative Coke drink recently and we both love it cos it’s so refreshing!! Basically it consists of Coke, water and ………


Yuzu!!! You can buy the yuzu from Korean mini-supermarts. It comes in a big bottle and for this Coke mixture, you just need prob a small teaspoon or so.. Try it yourself!!!

Pregnancy isn’t exactly smoothsailing for me.  I mentioned before that I have had to deal with diarrhoea, an extremely long period of nasal congestion/cough, giddy spells (always a nightmare and still is!) as well as breathlessness (in the third trimester, after eating or when I have poo inside me)… Putting all these aside, I think pregnancy is still a great experience as there are definitely happy things that you can look forward to throughout the 9-10 months! 🙂 So, what am I happy about? Hee hee…

1) I can do or eat anything I like.

I no longer need to do any laundry and the only housework I do is magic-cleaning the floor. It is fun and definitely a good form of exercise since I so seldom walk nowadays. 🙂 As for eating, I just need to blame it on my baby making me have cravings and I get my way! This is the only time when I get to eat so much birds’ nest in my life, it seems to be of unlimited supply.

2) I have no period now.

Yay! Although having periods make a woman continue looking youthful and be able to conceive, I definitely don’t like the mess associated with it. Men won’t understand that feeling.

3) I get to see specialists instead of the GPs for the slightest illness.

The feeling of being protected and taken care of by a specialist definitely feels good. My respiratory specialist is always concerned about me, not just whether my cough is getting better, but also about my pregnancy and my giddy/breathlessnesss problem. She is very detailed when she asks me questions and does very detailed tests/checks just to ensure I am ok. Feels good having all that attention from someone you can trust on.

4) I can see baby move/dance inside my stomach.

Tell you, I think this is the HAPPIEST thing about being pregnant. Since the end of the second trimester, I could feel and see my baby moving inside my stomach. The bad thing is, each time she moves, I feel like pee-ing. But I don’t mind that as I get to know she is actively moving inside. I have captured many videos of my stomach bobbling up and down (and left to right or vice versus) but unfortunately can’t share with you all ‘cos there is too much of my bare skin in the videos (*shy*)… Hee hee.. I also like feeling her presence, which is in the form of some hard “object” pressing against the inner walls of my stomach. The hard “object” will move away after a few seconds, so I’ve got to catch her while I can. The hide-and-seek is really fun and satisfying.

5) I get to buy cute baby stuffs, esp. clothes!

Having a baby girl means I get to choose and buy pretty clothes for my daughter, and dress her up like a little princess. I don’t care if Yh and I dress sloppily and look more like her servants, but I would want her to look like a royalty. Hahaha. Most of the clothes I have chosen for her are mainly white and pink (nope, I don’t even like yellow or purple colours) and the joy of buying pretty baby clothes is similar to me buying Rosebullet clothes for myself. Can’t wait to let her wear them! Unfortunately I often have giddy spells, so I can’t spend too much time outside shopping for her clothes. Often have to rely on my family and close friends to do the shopping for me :(… Thank goodness I have these personal shoppers to support me during this while.

Baby, we are all waiting for you to come out! 🙂