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Ok I have been missing from my blog for many years! Partly cos busy looking after my hyperactive baby/toddler and also cos it’s troublesome to blog here. It feels v tough and long winded for me to upload my pics onto flickr before copying the link to the pics here.

Anyway I still blog on this app called dayre quite frequently, since Nov last year. My dayre account name is @bevtan or u can view web version at http://dayre.me/bevtan.

And in case u would be happy to share my joy, I would also like to say I am pregnant now! In fact delivering in a day’s time on May 22 (csection). Haha ok Thanks in advance for any congratulations! It’s a baby boy this time. My girl is currently 30 mths old already:)

bye! Gonna try zzz now tho baby is turning my stomach upside down now. Having fun perhaps!


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