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I came across NARS blushes while I was in Hong Kong and was immediately attracted to almost all the colours available at the counter. Unfortunately, several popular colours were already out of stock at every NARS store. 😦 Nonetheless, I was damn curious as to why this award-winning blush can win the hearts (and loyalty) of so many ladies in U.S. etc., and forced the counter girls to try on different shades on my cheeks everyday. Sorry, didn’t take pictures to share with you all the effects, but my favourite colours would be Desire and Deep Throat. Did not bother trying Orgasm as it was so highly-raved that I thought it ought to look good on everyone.

Wait, you may wonder, why am I using so many sex terms in this post? They were the real names of the NARS blushes!

The following are rather highly-talked about colours for the NARS blushes – Orgasm, Deep Throat, Amour, Desire, Angelika, Mata Hari, Exhibit A (bright red!!), Dolce Vita, and so on. Basically every colour is very attractive because it is very pigmented, i.e. when the counter girl just dabbed a bit of the blush onto my face using the brush, the colour really shows. When I say a bit, means really a little; If you dab too much, you may end up looking like the ghostly paper dolls that some people burn/offer to the deceased. I liked the way that the different blush colours made my face look like I was naturally shy (Haha!) while blushing. Besides, I don’t usually buy pink blushes because somehow I find pink blushes very unnatural on my face; peach blushes tend to look more natural. NARS pink blushes are however very sweet shades of pink. Really.

Anyway, having felt extreme disappointment at being unable to buy the NARS blushes while in Hong Kong, I was really feeling sore about Singapore not selling NARS stuffs. Fortunately now, there is a spree now that is on-going to consolidate orders for NARS blushes. Please visit here to know more details of the spree! 🙂

P.S. Go google about NARS blushes and you will see many positive reviews (of course there are also negative reviews lah! Can’t be totally good for everyone in the world right?) I have even seen one youtube video of an Asian lady applying Exhibit A (which was a bright red blush) and it looked damn good on her!!! 🙂


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I bought this Jill Stuart mix blush compact from Tokyo few months back even though it cost me around SGD $70!!! *gasp*

Pretty pink box. Outside is already so pretty, how about the inside?

Wow.. They really know how to capture a girl’s heart! See the elaborate details and the mirror-like surface. (Girls love looking into mirrors, so we love stealing secret glances at ourselves whenever we walk past shops with glass windows. Hee hee.) What I like is the pink diamante stud used for pushing the brush outwards. I love lots of bling!

This is their brush. Has white bristles that resemble the hair of the White-Haired Demoness (starred by Lin Ching Hsia).

The shade I bought: 06-Fresh Apricot. More peach like. The actual colours were actually brighter. I have tried taking many shots to show a more accurate representation of the shades, but somehow failed. Roughly there lah huh. Hahaha.

I have yet to use it but would like to say some stuffs about this. Before buying this in Tokyo, I read many reviews and most reviews were negative. Many people who bought this have had very high expectations of the blusher given its price, so when they used it, they feel there is nothing special about it. Hmmm… Most people buy this for the packaging lah. Imagine you are in toilet touching up on your blusher, and you take this pretty thing out, the lustre from this blusher casing would surely gain the envy of girls nearby! 🙂

Anyway the more popular shades are 02-Rose Bloom and 06-Fresh Apricot. The former is pinkish, and the latter is peachy. I personally feel pink blushers usually give a more girly and sweeter look, but they also have an accentuating effect on your cheeks, so may end up making your face look bigger and rounder. Peach blushers are usually more for the sporty and natural-looking look, as if you are always blushing due to shyness. Hee hee. I like to act shy, and I don’t like my already-big face to become even bigger, so of course I bought 06!

Anyway good news for all, there is a spree for the Jill Stuart blushers…. For those who want their pretty cosmetics, but can’t find them easily in Singapore. You can buy other items as well of course. I know there are some people out there who create fake Jill Stuart products that look like the real thing, to sell online. Rest assured this won’t happen for this website I am recommending as my friend will be painstakingly carrying the items back from overseas Jill Stuart counters. 🙂 If it is not authentic, may my head grow even bigger! Hahaha.

Click here now if you would like to buy yourself this pretty gift! Or guys may buy this for their girlfriends (I meant each guy one girlfriend huh, I don’t support multiple-timing) as a gesture of lots of love and affection. Hee hee hee.

P.S. Sorry, I had considered trying this on my cheeks so that I can show you all, but I simply have too many blushers and don’t want to start using this pretty thing yet.

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After I came back from Tokyo, I don’t know what happened to my face, but I grew 8 pimples suddenly. All over different parts of the face. Some are huge, some are small, but all no heads and all are painful. Wah lao… I feel so depressed and inferior now. I didn’t change any products that I apply on my face leh. And in fact, my biological clock is slowly tuning back to normal. I am sleeping earlier and waking up earlier too. What happened huh? I applied all my Derma Rx Comedone formula and Blemish formula and both didn’t work out this time. Shit! I keep blaming it on my brother’s dog. Maybe her hair made my face like that. Bwhahaha. But we were in the pet shop for only about 1 hour mah. Yh asked me to stop putting the blame on the innocent dog. His face looked okay leh, in fact he has even fewer blemishes than me now. God must be punishing me for always laughing at his pimply face. Hahaha.

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I meant my nail…. 🙂 See what my bestie and I did. I painted the heart shape using Sally Hansen French Manicure white tip polish as I do not have other thicker nail polishes which are meant for nail art. Nonetheless, I like the outcome! She helped me paste the pearls on the nail with her ultra-trembling hands. 🙂

Nice hor? Is ownself DIY one leh. 🙂 *Happy happy*

The design looks so girly and sweet, yet my Yh can say that it looks as if my nails have turned rotten, and kept on “Eeeeee”-ing…. Bad taste. Good too that he cannot appreciate girly things lah, shows he is not a sissy.

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I’ve undergone 4 laser treatments so far and after every treatment, my face becomes super ugly. Already not very good-looking but the scars make me look like I have some illness or something. Haha. Not to fret, they will disappear after about a week or so.

Btw, mine’s CO2 Fractional Laser, supposed to be less damaging to the skin.

Those lines you see on my face are not fine lines, they are my facial hairs!

As you can see, the laser marks are actually red dots confined within a square and my purpose of going through these laser treatments is to cure my potholes. Many people would rather rely on pore-minimizing serums, masks, essences, etc. but those are NOT CHEAP. Usually it will take a few bottles to really see any effect, so I might as well use the money to go through laser. 🙂

I haven’t been updating my blog because I am simply not in the mood to do so. Anyway I’ve been watching many movies, dramas, documetaries etc. Recently I am hooked onto a reality TV show called “Groomer Has It”, shown on Animal Planet at a hell-timing of 1 a.m., every Wednesday morning (or Tues night?!). Will talk more about it soon. Evokes many feelings in me. Tsk Tsk.

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Forgot to share this article with you all, extracted from here (retrieved 27th Feb 2009).

Some HK experts have done some study on many masks (those sheets-type) and found that 9 of them contain germs. The 9 masks include the Fancl White Clear Mask that I have always been using, and I felt it always makes me look fairer leh…. Got germs meh?

Anyway, some other brands of masks mentioned are Olay, Laneige, Loreal, and many other Chinese brands.

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