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We went Joyden Canton for a nice chinese meal to celebrate hubby’s birthday and the meal was unexpectedly expensive albeit tasty.

The most expensive dish we ordered was a cereal-lobster which was so delish but I think that small portion cost more than $50 alone. We had about 4 dishes only, all small portions, and bill came up to about $160! 😱

That’s me and my favourite girl. I love to take wefies with her as I love her smile.

Ryder saw me trying to take a picture of him and deliberately gave me that expression. Qi si wo le.

Birthday man was happy of course. He smiled gamely once he saw his Baobei trying to snap a pic of him. He’s a chinese-food-person while I am forever a steak-person. When I first heard of people suffering from gout and learnt that one of the main causes is red meat, I was horrified. Hahaha!

My girl took this picture of her dessert which was fried ice cream. Ryder and her each got one. The novelty of eating ice cream in a fried form made them so excited that they finished their dessert so quickly. 10 times faster than eating their main course.

We actually did order some fish soup for the kids to share but it was so disappointing cos they added rice wine and they claimed it was fresh fish when we gave feedback that it was so fishy! The fish taste and smell was overpowering. Yucks. But the rest of the dishes were really good.

I like the dishes we had at dinner that night. A pity no more dim sum available for order at night so I think we need to go back some day to try their dim sum.


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It has been years since I touched this site. I was rather actively updating on dayre till I became busy and stopped updating dayre so actively, then now dayre is dying. Ok, so back to here it’s fine. Just need a space to remind myself of some happy memories.

Most people only want to showcase happy pictures and give people a positive impression of them, but I also want to be honest and have a space to rant at times, in fact many times. So I would appear as an angry or petty person many times. Not denying that. Haha

In my last blogpost years ago, I said I was busy with my toddler, who’s pictured on the right. Now she’s the one on the left. Lol. Years have passed, of cos she has grown!

In fact I have a new addition to my family, and he’s also quite big now:

His name is Ryder. I didn’t name him after Paw Patrol. First heard of that name from the TW artist Alex, that’s his son’s name too. So I thought it was an easy name. I don’t like long names like “Genevieve”, or even my own name because writing on every single page of your exam paper can be a huge chore! Sorry, I have absolutely no grudge against people with long names. 🤗

Bernice has also started primary school and it’s not as relaxing as I had thought.

That’s my happy go lucky girl. I am thankful she’s very “unaware” and happy go lucky because it means even if shit comes her way, she doesn’t know and is still smiling, but as her parents, we are the ones freaking out and getting insomnia at night as we worry. 😢

K ending abruptly now cos I need to dig some food out for my breakfast. Bye!

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Ok I have been missing from my blog for many years! Partly cos busy looking after my hyperactive baby/toddler and also cos it’s troublesome to blog here. It feels v tough and long winded for me to upload my pics onto flickr before copying the link to the pics here.

Anyway I still blog on this app called dayre quite frequently, since Nov last year. My dayre account name is @bevtan or u can view web version at http://dayre.me/bevtan.

And in case u would be happy to share my joy, I would also like to say I am pregnant now! In fact delivering in a day’s time on May 22 (csection). Haha ok Thanks in advance for any congratulations! It’s a baby boy this time. My girl is currently 30 mths old already:)

bye! Gonna try zzz now tho baby is turning my stomach upside down now. Having fun perhaps!

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To commemorate the birth of Pacman game, there is a Pacman game on the Google Homepage now! Initially I had thought it was just a decorative picture of the game with the words “Google” embedded in it, but later on Yh told me that we can actually play it by moving our keyboard keys! So cute!! 🙂

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