Busy doing nothing

I stopped blogging for months, because I have been dealing with a new “challenge” since 6 months ago. I am pregnant for 23 weeks now and life as a pregnant woman has not been very smooth exactly. Not the usual morning sickness, but stuffs like loss of appetite, diarrhoea, nasal congestion, fainting spells, are enough to make me busy everyday. Yes, busy doing nothing, busy trying to make myself as healthy and as happy as possible. ūüôā

Will update again when I am feeling better.


If you had read my very early posts, you would have heard me mentioning a zillion times that I am a complaint queen.

Well, Town Council has kindly helped us to hire contractors to paint the exterior and interior walls of all the blocks in my estate. Since I live at the top floor (technically not the top because there is still the roof level), I often have to bear with A LOT of noise. The workers tend to throw their machinery (all metal stuffs) around, causing a lot of banging sound. On top of that, they have this really sucky pulley system which is used to transport the workers up and down as they paint the walls.  The pulley has this really loud rotating sound, as if there is a heavy chain being dragged across for a long distance.

I had complained earlier to Tanjong Pagar Town Council on 2 matters (some of you would say I am fussy, but imagine them happening to you):

1) The workers are seen chatting and playing tamil music while working. I think they talk more than they paint. Seriously, it is fine if they seek leisure while working, but I have noticed HOW SLOWLY they paint as a result of their chatting and enjoying of music. Since I have to tahan all that noise on the roof and from the pulley, of course I complained, saying that if they were to delay the completion of the painting works, I am not going to condone any noise beyond the scheduled completion date. Afterall, they had so much time to chat and enjoy music what.

2) Can the workers stop treating the public tap at my 30th storey as a convenient source of water to bathe? They tend to wash their legs, hands, hair, face, etc. using the public tap at my rubbish chute area, causing the whole area to be very dirty and wet after their “bath”. As a result, I requested Town Council to clean up the mess thay have created.

After my long complaint letter, the ONLY response Town Council had was –> “We will give your feedback to the contractors. Thank¬† you.” As an ex-civil servant, I can imagine this is their typical taiji response and how useless they can be at solving problems. Most of the time, if they really want to and are dedicated enough, they would do something about it and give a more comprehensive response like “We note your feedback and will inform the contractors to minimise the noise. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will arrange for the rubbish chute area at your area to be washed thoroughly. etc etc etc” However, their response does not serve to commit anything and does not address my complaint on the dirty rubbish chute area! Sigh…… Why are we paying so much income tax to feed these people?

Last Sat, being the light sleeper that I am, I was awakened by their pulley system AGAIN, at 8.30 am sharp. According to NEA guidelines on noise,¬†I thought such works should not be carried on Saturdays and Sundays?¬†Yh could not stand the noise too and called TP Town Council to complain. This time, when he called, they were EVEN MORE TAIJI! Their immediate response when they heard that we live at Redhill Road was “Redhill? I don’t think that is under Tanjong Pagar Town Council” HAHAHAHAHA. That’s funny, totally brushing us aside. Yh was very fed up and shouted back at them. And he requested for real action to be done, i.e. for them to lubricate the pulley system so that there wouldn’t be that noise. Hmmm I think it worked a little ‘cos there is really less noise today.¬†Why couldn’t they have done that earlier? Sigh…. Anyway, towards Yh’s complaint, TP Town Council had the cheek to “blame us” saying that there should be “accommodation”, meaning we should give in to the contractors and vice versa. What if all this nonsense happened to this Town Council guy? He also said that the works can be carried out on Saturdays (I will check the NEA website later on this, good luck to them)

Nuah3 Tang4

I have a new colleague recently (2-3 months) whom I have given a nickname “Nuah3 Tang4”. I simply cannot stand the sight of him, not just because¬†he is not the handsome kind, or because his face is oily with potholes. The way he walks simply irritates me! He likes to drag every single footstep of his (I think he has to change his shoes often as his soles should wear out often) and he walks with a slouch! His shoulders are forever sloping downwards and forward! He looks SO DAMN LAZY! Why did my AD and DD even hire him in the first place?! Didn’t they notice the way he walked into the interview room?

Anyway, in terms of work attitude, I also don’t have a good impression of him as he has dee xiao a few times for his own work and I had to do some of the work for him as a result. My branch is like that, if anyone cannot handle his/her work, the more efficient and younger staff will suddenly have to catch those half-done jobs. Since this guy is young (he’s my age), why didn’t they make him catch my half-done jobs?! Stop citing that he is new and hence you all don’t dare to give him any jobs! During my 3rd month in the branch, I was already assigned to do presentations and organise divisional events. Bloody Hell. And the average age of the execs in my branch is around 30, about 6 in total, yet the only ones that always kio sai are the same two people. All the unfairness is making me psychologically unbalanced every¬†¬†day second.

I really despise nuah3 tangs4, especially if they are men! BE A MAN AND WALK LIKE ONE LAH! Oh btw, when I was describing to yh how this guy walks, somehow this image came to mind¬†–> in HK vampire dramas/movies, those ancient era types, the vampires will suck the villagers’ blood and these villagers will roam the streets in masses. To act like vampires, they will drag their feet and walk in a half-dead manner… That’s really similar to how¬†this nuah3 tang4¬†walks!!!

Adding paper into printer

In my office, we usually have the CSOs to help us fix any printers-related issues, including adding paper into the printers when paper has run out.

My practice is, if I want to print things and paper has run out, I will find any CSO and ask him/her to help add paper into the printer.¬† If I can’t find any CSO, too bad for me, I will go add the paper myself.¬† It is as simple as just going to the cupboard to take out one huge stack of paper and adding into the printer.¬† (Ok, since I say it’s¬†so simple, why don’t I do it myself and still trouble CSOs to do it?¬†I think it’s part of their job scope and I should not “spoil” them.)

This morning, the B/W printer ran out of paper again, and I witnessed one of my colleagues, removing a small stack of paper from the colour printer next to it and putting into the B/W printer.  WTF? Is she just taking enough to print for HERSELF?  And the cupboard containing all papers is just nearby!  If she does not know where the papers are stored, she could have asked the CSO sitting nearby to just help out on it (note: the CSO was around during then).

Alamak… This is just one of the incidents showing how selfish my colleagues are.¬† Anyway, there is a PSC scholar¬†serving an¬†internship in my branch; we are supposed to “impress” him and give him a good impression of the branch/organisation.¬† Haha…

Disgusted with these people.¬† If only¬†I could be more aloof towards what I see…. Sigh.

My mum likes to forward me funny stuffs. This time, she sent me a document which lists out the “best” day to start work after CNY, categorised by the animal year that you were born in.¬† (Of course it also lists out the “worst day” to start work, and whether¬†starting work on a particular day is¬†“average”, “good” or “bad”…)

Apparently, the “best” day for me to start work (I am born in the year of dog, btw) is Tue, 8 Feb 2011.. Hmm….. ūüôā

For me, anyday is the best day to start work after CNY, as long as I have a peaceful workday, without my DD shouting at me. So I pray hard that she is either on MC or on leave on Mon.

It was really fun having a get-together session with my primary school friends. I used to be very close to them around P4-p6 years, and loved having them with me at the Isetan chalet, just playing stupid games and visiting the silly theme parks at Sentosa.

Of course, I still love having them with me now, just like moments ago. There was so much fun¬†reminiscing the old days. Before my memory fails me, let me list out the funny things we did and the unforgettable experiences…

1) We loved playing mahjong and “murderer” at the chalet, especially late into the night. It was really funny playing with my brother because whenever he was the murderer, he would try to wink and somehow the other eye would twitch as well. I think he had some problem with his eyes and could not do a proper wink. Moreover, he always¬†had a funny expression¬†whenever he was the murderer, the “want-to-laugh-but-control” kind of grin.

2) We loved playing (or re-playing) the rides at Asian Village. Afterall, we paid the entrance fees for unlimited rides, of course we had to make full use of that. I was initially phobic of viking, but to overcome my fear, I made Michelle take the ride over and over again with me. We progressed from the middle row to the last row, and by the time it was our 2o+th time, we were totally emotionless and treated the viking more like a usual swing at the playground. Cool, nice view from the top, and we could feel the wind blowing into our faces.

3) Fantasy Island. How many of you visited that water theme park?! We went on the first few days or first day when it opened, and it was so damn fun. As usual, we paid the entrance fees for unlimited rides and took most of the rides. As I was more water-phobic, I did¬†not dare to take the more dangerous rides. Michelle and Delvinia were the brave ones to experience those rides. Once, one of us actually lost the locker key (we stored our belongings in the locker there) and all of us were scared stiff (of course lah, we were just kids then). The theme park people wanted to charge us $20 for opening the locker. During those days, $20 was like $2000 to poor primary school kids! We had¬†had to gather all our cash to fork out the¬†$20! On another instance, I actually had my period, at about 5-6pm. (I was already Sec 1 then, I think) *kwah kwah*…. So suey. Of course we all quickly made our way back to the chalet, before “it” came out in full force.

Haha. I really enjoyed the company of my primary school friends, which explains why I am now writing down these fond memories, despite my really depressed state due to my work. With such lousy mood, I somehow lost the zest in blogging or doing many other things. I have had to distract myself from the gloom by focussing on my Japanese course. Sigh. I will get out one day.

Everyday when I enter my office, I feel like I am entering a filming studio.¬† The survivors of my workplace are those that can act really well. The Golden Horse Awards¬†nominees can’t beat those hardcore and expert “actors/actresses” in my office *clap clap for them*. Why do I say so?

  • ¬†They act like they are soooo interested in everything the “producer/director” says, by gasping, etc.
  • They suck up to the “producer/director”, just like what newbies do to get acting opportunities
  • They are melodramatic about the things they do, for e.g. if¬†they pick up a piece of trash and thow it to the bin,¬†they equate the action to¬†being contributing to the efficiency and well-being of the office – i.e. do small thing, achieve a save-the-earth kind of effect
  • They¬†skive (read newspapers, watch youtube, etc.) when the “producer/director” is not looking at them, just like those actors catching sleep when the camera is not facing them
  • To fellow “actors/actresses” in the office, they show their true selves, especially when the “actors/actresses” are more junior than them. However, towards the “producer/director” they can become those tame little sheep again
  • The older and more experienced “actors/actresses” like to harp on their past experiences to show their worthiness in the office *again and again and again*

Sigh. Maybe as a farewell gift to each of them, I should go Queensway and make a trophy specially for each of the “actors/actresses”, of course with their names engraved on the trophies ūüôā