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Picture taken about 1 year after testing. The 2 lines have become even more faint. 🙂

Yesterday’s episode of 康熙来了 had a few pregnant or previously pregnant TW artistes/wives to talk about their pregnancy experience. One of them said that she tested 10 different pregnancy test kits before her husband and her finally believed that she was pregnant. Sounds crazy but I can imagine the disbelief because I have been through it.

I used to go for monthly Brazilian IPL sessions before my pregnancy and would always do a pregnancy test (on the kit) before the appointment (we were not supposed to do any IPL if we were pregnancy). That fateful day, a Friday, coincidentally both of us were on leave and he wanted to send me to the place to have my IPL done. So after peeing in the toilet and doing the test, I was shocked to see 2 faint lines on the kit. I seriously doubted the results because it was a Watsons brand test kit (too cheap what!) and I just had my period 4 weeks ago, so how could the results be so clear so early?! Anyway being the panicky me, I ran out of the toilet to tell Yh about it and he was also in disbelief. I remember him being very calm and quiet about it, didn’t look happy or sad, probably he was just too shocked. Hahaha. I quickly cancelled the IPL appointment and went to the nearest Watsons to buy another test kit. This time, it was a professional looking one, I forgot the brand, but it costs twice as much as the Watsons brand one and it says something like “very-sensitive-test-kit”. Basically, I wanted a reliable test kit that could test for one’s pregnancy as early as 4 weeks gestation.

OMG even the expensive test kit was quite unpro and had 2 faint lines. But there were really 2 lines. That marked the end of my “fun” (I didn’t test any further) and I resigned to fate that Bernice was coming to my world to torture me. Hahaha…

There, she has just woken up and shouting for me again, as if shouting for her palace maid. Ciao!


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Picture taken when she was 6 weeks old 

This is my first post about my baby ever since she was born. She is 3 months old now. Life has been hectic, stressful and yet fruitful so far. Instead of focussing on the hair-pulling aspects of motherhood, I would rather share with you what I am fond of, with regard to my baby, Bernice.

1) I enjoy cutting her finger and toe nails. It’s so delightful seeing mini-sized nails, the feeling is something like opening up polly pockets and playing with the mini-sized characters. Besides, after cutting her fingernails, I know the likelihood of her scratching her owm face is largely reduced.

2) I love tickling her, however torturous it may appear to onlookers. Sometimes she responds with a wide grin, sometimes no response at all.

3) I like changing her diapers, even if it is soiled with a lot of smelly poo. At least this tells me she doesn’t have constipation and she will feel clean wearing a new diaper.

4) I like her crying and screaming for attention from me, although it can get stressful when I am expressing milk or having my meals. After her 2nd month’s vaccination. she was feeling so upset with the pain and had a slight fever, thus making her lethargic and grumpy for days. Seeing her with the cooling plaster on her forehead makes my heart pain, and how I wished she would come disturb me with her usual crying and screaming.

5) My most favourite activity now is playing with her, as she always smiles so happily when I do so! 🙂

6) I love kissing her cheeks and head, guess all parents would find their children the most adorable in the world and can’t resist kissing them too!

7) I enjoy taking pictures of her using my Iphone, because that is my way of recording her growth and not missing out on her facial changes.

8) It’s heartwarming to hear her snore, although it sounds v piggy. She snores like her father and I know she is sound asleep when she starts snoring.

9) I like her cooing sounds, especially when I play or talk to her. At least she sounds as if she is trying to tell me something, and I feel connected with her.

Hopefully, I find more enjoyable things of motherhood and that Bernice can read these stuffs her mother wrote about her, say 20 years later? 🙂

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