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Went for manicure and pedicure before my wedding day and the lady advised me to put on fake nails as my original nails were too short. I said ok without thinking twice because I’m a vainpot mah, wanted the nails to look pretty…

Anyway to cut the story short, the nails chipped so fast!!! (About 4 to 5 days after the manicure) See the nail on the left… The nail on the right was what the lady painted for me AFTER the wedding day. For the wedding day the original length of the fake nails was too long for me to handle. Picking up things that are fine, like hairs, on the floor was a difficult task. So after the wedding, I went back and asked her to cut all the nails short for me and repaint a simple colour for me. This pink nail was what she painted and I am very satisfied with it, looks very barbie-like right? Haha

Well well, as days go by, the nails chipped/cracked further and I could peel out the entire fake nail. The bad thing was, it actually peeled out quite a bit of my original nail surface. That is to say, my original nail surface is now very rough and bumpy!!!! I think I got to wait a long time for my nails to grow out before I can cut away all this uneven portion. 😦

Just a word of caution for those who like to glue on these fake nails onto your nails, I have heard and read of people who have fungus growing between the fake nail and the original nail. After they remove the fake nails, they actually saw some green substance on their nails and had to see a doctor to get anti-fungus cream. This may happen if you leave the fake nail on for more than 2 weeks. Hopefully that won’t happen to me.. Sounds so disgusting.


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Yh will be going to London for a conference in early Oct and since his air ticket and accomodation for those few days will be paid for, I might as well follow and just pay for my own air ticket. We will extend our stay there and pay for subsequent hotel extension charges.

Tsk tsk. I belong to the city and the city belongs to me (don’t ask me what I am talking about because I don’t know myself), but I have a strong feeling I won’t like Europe. Although I have heard of people say that the historical look of buildings, the exterior of the art museums and the riverwalks are enough to wow-wow you, but I think I am too superficial to appreciate the beauty of all that view. I also don’t buy stuffs from LV, Gucci, Chanel, etc. as I have no money too. Haha. I still prefer seeing chio ah lians at Tokyo streets, shopping for pink stuffs at Tokyo dept stores, pulling Disney characters’ tails when I take pictures with them at Disneyland, eating Japanese soft cream and rushing to shop as much as possible before the Jap department stores close at around 8 pm. Rushing has been a norm to me and I won’t be used to relaxing. 🙂

But but but, it is silly to never visit Europe in my entire life and conclude that I will not like it. Never try, never know mah.. So I am resolved to go this time round, and also visit the countries near London, preferable Italy and France. I want to go see Miu Miu bags! (Yay!) Will do alot of research before I go so as not to be overly disappointed with our free-n-easy itinerary!!! 🙂

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Hannah… I know I keep talking abt my wedding non-stop but I am a boring person mah… What else can I talk about right?!

I am having post-wedding blues now because I have returned my wedding gown to the studio. Though it is a made-to-measure gown that is designed only for me to wear the 1st time round, now it can be rented by anyone else off the racks. *sob sob*. It is no longer mine alone.. But it is really impractical to pay 1K more to bring it home lah, I dun have anymore wardrobe space for it lor.. (As I’m typing this, Yh just said he doesn’t mind paying the additional 1K?!?!? Wah.. since when did my husband become so rich… Haha)

I think I am actually quite crazy leh, I have the impulse to pay the 1K to buy the gown and then destroy it so that no one else can wear it.  Bwhahahahaha. Which means if Yh were to betray me by having an affair with other women, I will castrate him so that other women can’t have him too. BWHAHAHAHAHAHHA. Just kidding.. 🙂

Some outdoor photos below… These are pre-wedding shots. The gown is really very princess-sy, and if I remember to smile correctly, it can really make me look demure and sweet. Haha don’t vomit in front of your computer screen each time I praise myself ok.

I’m in London. Rubbish. At Raffles Place lah.

Lovely couple shot, makes us look very blissful. But we really are. 🙂

I look like I’m whining to him but I’m not. We’re supposed to look at each other amorously.

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Dear all,

As of Jul 18 2008, I am a “Mrs” but please continue to address me as a “Miss” ok. It never hurts to make a young and sweet girl like me happy. HAHAHAHA

As of Aug 20 2008, I will be a housefly again! I have tendered my resignation as life is too short to waste time on ordering coffee/tea, racking brains on pacifying hard-to-please people and forcing myself to blend into a serious working environment.

You must be thinking I am damn rich now after my wedding, so I dare to idle again right? No no no, I have my plans and will work from home. As for doing what, hmm… I have no concrete idea yet as I have simply too many ideas now. 🙂 Oct I will be going on my honeymoon, and by then if my home business fails, I will get back to reality and start job-searching again! Hee hee.

Love, The Lobo Queen

P.S. Will update more pics in my later entries. Now @ work, no pictures at hand to show everyone. 🙂

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(Correction to below’s post… Everyone tells me Chang-Er’s boyfriend is Hou Yi, the suns-shooter, not the cowboy. Sigh so confusing. There are so many pairs of lovers in the Celestial heaven, I’ve mixed this pair up with the Nu2 Lang2 Zhi1 Nu3…)

Dear hunks and babes, I wish I can spend some time blogging and regain my humour, but unfortunately I am so damn tied down by wedding preparations. (though 99% of it is done by the groom :P) Where did my sense of humour disappear to? haha. How do brides look fresh and pretty when they are usually very busy just before their big day? Think I need to use liquid paper to blanko off my dark eye rings liao.

Anyway, kudos to my pre-wedding photographer, Kelvin Lim; more details of his artwork and services can be found here.  He’s very artistic and painted a portrait of me based on one of the wedding pics (Of course I paid a hefty sum for it too) I like the effect created, it made me look like a fairy! (Stop laughing at me behind my back in front of your computer screen, I know I’m definitely not fairy-like in mannerisms and looks) . The point is, my gown has become so beautiful right?! All the beautiful strokes, made me become the angmoh version of Chang-Er. Yh can become the Chang-Er’s lover. What’s his name huh? hahaha.. Think he is the guy who rears cows…

My Portrait

My Portrait

Painting to Portrait

On the left is the original picture; on the right is the painted portrait

Kelvin has kindly painted me to be slimmer (Woooooaa look at the thin waist!!!), prettier cos the face looks brighter, smoother hair, less nnttl…. hehehe 🙂 Thanks Kelvin!!!!!! 🙂

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Everyone asks me if I will be going on a honeymoon after the wedding, but it has never crossed my mind to go on a long trip as I have just started work at the new workplace. However, my feet is feeling ticklish and I really wanna get out of here for a super long holiday, say about 2 weeks? I know I shouldn’t waste money going Japan again but this time I plan to go Hokkaido as well, on our own, so it is going to be a great challenge, money-wise, and travelling-wise. 🙂

Pooh Loves You!

Taken during Tokyo Trip 2005


Taken during Tokyo Trip 2006

See how happy I am always at Tokyo Disneyland. I can actually run (or cheong) into the park once the gate opens (with the typical Singaporean kiasu-ism) and queue up for abt 45 mins to take a picture with each of the characters. Each time, I have tried my best to run to the park entrance before the park opens, but it seems there is always one mountain higher than the current mountain… The Japanese are also kiasu!!!! haha.. They start queueing in long queues even as early as half an hour (or maybe even longer) before the park opens!!! So everytime I rush there, I am always only somewhere in the middle of the long queues waiting to enter the park! 😦 When the park opens, these kiasu Japanese will also be like me, cheong into the park lah. It’s quite a hilarious scene, but it just goes to show how happy everyone is when they’re at Disneyland.

To prepare for this trip, I am reading some Chinese travel guide books written by some Taiwanese. I must say they are rather detailed and emphasize more on the fun, local food delights and entertainment aspects of Japan whereas those Lonely Planet kind of guide books emphasize more on logistics (how to get there) and exquisite Japanese cuisine.

There was a funny statement by this certain Taiwanese author, he says if he can talk to all the gods of different religions in the world, he will tell them that he does not want to go heaven already, because he has found Disneyland and he wanna apply for citizenship to stay in Disneyland. I really think that is so apt, because like what he says, at Disneyland, everyone forgets about religious or racial discrimination among people, and will just indulge in the happy atmosphere there. Heehee. Sekali each time I go there, one of my fine lines disappear; or the reverse may happen, i.e. one more fine line appearing, as I cannot stop grinning and being happy. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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Actually I’ve gotten back all my pre-wedding photos yesterday. All unedited, i.e. no photoshop was done to them. These are some of my favourite studio shots, edited with my very mediocre photoshop skills. 🙂


Both of us looking very happy, actually we were laughing non-stop 🙂


This is my self-portrait, that bouquet of flowers costs more than $200!! $%^*%!*&$@


Me looking shy and demure. 🙂 🙂 Notice the bling bling on my gown?



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