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Nuah3 Tang4

I have a new colleague recently (2-3 months) whom I have given a nickname “Nuah3 Tang4”. I simply cannot stand the sight of him, not just because he is not the handsome kind, or because his face is oily with potholes. The way he walks simply irritates me! He likes to drag every single footstep of his (I think he has to change his shoes often as his soles should wear out often) and he walks with a slouch! His shoulders are forever sloping downwards and forward! He looks SO DAMN LAZY! Why did my AD and DD even hire him in the first place?! Didn’t they notice the way he walked into the interview room?

Anyway, in terms of work attitude, I also don’t have a good impression of him as he has dee xiao a few times for his own work and I had to do some of the work for him as a result. My branch is like that, if anyone cannot handle his/her work, the more efficient and younger staff will suddenly have to catch those half-done jobs. Since this guy is young (he’s my age), why didn’t they make him catch my half-done jobs?! Stop citing that he is new and hence you all don’t dare to give him any jobs! During my 3rd month in the branch, I was already assigned to do presentations and organise divisional events. Bloody Hell. And the average age of the execs in my branch is around 30, about 6 in total, yet the only ones that always kio sai are the same two people. All the unfairness is making me psychologically unbalanced every  day second.

I really despise nuah3 tangs4, especially if they are men! BE A MAN AND WALK LIKE ONE LAH! Oh btw, when I was describing to yh how this guy walks, somehow this image came to mind –> in HK vampire dramas/movies, those ancient era types, the vampires will suck the villagers’ blood and these villagers will roam the streets in masses. To act like vampires, they will drag their feet and walk in a half-dead manner… That’s really similar to how this nuah3 tang4 walks!!!


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In my office, we usually have the CSOs to help us fix any printers-related issues, including adding paper into the printers when paper has run out.

My practice is, if I want to print things and paper has run out, I will find any CSO and ask him/her to help add paper into the printer.  If I can’t find any CSO, too bad for me, I will go add the paper myself.  It is as simple as just going to the cupboard to take out one huge stack of paper and adding into the printer.  (Ok, since I say it’s so simple, why don’t I do it myself and still trouble CSOs to do it? I think it’s part of their job scope and I should not “spoil” them.)

This morning, the B/W printer ran out of paper again, and I witnessed one of my colleagues, removing a small stack of paper from the colour printer next to it and putting into the B/W printer.  WTF? Is she just taking enough to print for HERSELF?  And the cupboard containing all papers is just nearby!  If she does not know where the papers are stored, she could have asked the CSO sitting nearby to just help out on it (note: the CSO was around during then).

Alamak… This is just one of the incidents showing how selfish my colleagues are.  Anyway, there is a PSC scholar serving an internship in my branch; we are supposed to “impress” him and give him a good impression of the branch/organisation.  Haha…

Disgusted with these people.  If only I could be more aloof towards what I see…. Sigh.

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My mum likes to forward me funny stuffs. This time, she sent me a document which lists out the “best” day to start work after CNY, categorised by the animal year that you were born in.  (Of course it also lists out the “worst day” to start work, and whether starting work on a particular day is “average”, “good” or “bad”…)

Apparently, the “best” day for me to start work (I am born in the year of dog, btw) is Tue, 8 Feb 2011.. Hmm….. 🙂

For me, anyday is the best day to start work after CNY, as long as I have a peaceful workday, without my DD shouting at me. So I pray hard that she is either on MC or on leave on Mon.

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Everyday when I enter my office, I feel like I am entering a filming studio.  The survivors of my workplace are those that can act really well. The Golden Horse Awards nominees can’t beat those hardcore and expert “actors/actresses” in my office *clap clap for them*. Why do I say so?

  •  They act like they are soooo interested in everything the “producer/director” says, by gasping, etc.
  • They suck up to the “producer/director”, just like what newbies do to get acting opportunities
  • They are melodramatic about the things they do, for e.g. if they pick up a piece of trash and thow it to the bin, they equate the action to being contributing to the efficiency and well-being of the office – i.e. do small thing, achieve a save-the-earth kind of effect
  • They skive (read newspapers, watch youtube, etc.) when the “producer/director” is not looking at them, just like those actors catching sleep when the camera is not facing them
  • To fellow “actors/actresses” in the office, they show their true selves, especially when the “actors/actresses” are more junior than them. However, towards the “producer/director” they can become those tame little sheep again
  • The older and more experienced “actors/actresses” like to harp on their past experiences to show their worthiness in the office *again and again and again*

Sigh. Maybe as a farewell gift to each of them, I should go Queensway and make a trophy specially for each of the “actors/actresses”, of course with their names engraved on the trophies 🙂

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I get scolded by my boss every single day, maybe not to the extent of every single day since she takes half days’ or full days’ leaves occasionally, but on some days, I can get scoldings a few times a day, so it works out to be almost at least a scolding per day.

I have been trying hard not to get affected by her scoldings, and if possible, make a joke out of every scolding. It’s terribly difficult to stay happy at the end of a work day after multiple scoldings, and somehow, very exhausting.  I feel so tired after 6 pm, it feels like I have just completed a marathon (made up of scoldings and trying to pacify her).

Anyway, yesterday, she was scolding me over my “bad english”.  I certainly don’t think that my English is superb, but at least okay right? She was scolding me over a sentence I use quite broadly, i.e. “Attached below is the blah blah blah”. To her, “Attached below” is bad English (huh?! Why huh?!) and as usual, she rudely and sarcastically said “You never learn English before is it? Can’t you all write proper sentences like “This is blah blah blah”?”

Sigh… Going to work is like going to school, and my teacher is not just a normal school teacher, but the disciplinarian.

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Meeting Etiquette

Tsk Tsk… Youngsters nowadays don’t have meeting etiquette. I feel ashamed to be a youngster. Hahaha. (Actually I’m growing older so shouldn’t be young anymore.)

I was having some meeting today and there were 2 young architects or the architects’ assistants among the attendees. Being the client who is paying for their services, I (and my colleagues) would expect basic courtesy from these people right? Problem was, the first time I encountered these people during an initial meeting, these 2 youngsters laughed or mocked at every mistake made by one of the Asst Directors (ADs). He was not those English-pom-pi-pi type of person so basically he made many grammar and pronunciation mistakes as he spoke. Plus he kept reiterating his points, hence bringing more focus to his mistakes. I personally find his English very “can’t-make-it-to-be-an-AD”, but I have never laughed at him openly and rudely in his face, at most is behind his back. Hahaha. These two people were sniggering at all his mistakes and I couldn’t help but notice them.

Today was the second time I encountered these two rude youngsters. This time, they diverted their attention to the school principal. This school principal was also not those that can speak well and made grammatical mistakes along the way too. She even made the mistake of using the acronym “CCTV” when she meant “CCPE” (Co-Curricular Programme Executive). Within seconds, I heard someone repeat after the principal, “CCTV?!?!”, followed by a rude snigger. WAH LAO! I turned my head and saw that it was again the rude youngsters!

Bloody Hell! Don’t they recognise that those people they were laughing at, are their clients? I wonder why their boss hired them in the first place. Tsk tsk.

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My branch shifted office yesterday. It was a good chance to do housekeeping and pack all our files, stationery, snacks, etc. What I did was I placed all my files side by side according to their categories and felt so satisfied with myself. My stationery were also neatly kept in the drawers. I even boasted to my colleagues that my workstation was so neat and they thought likewise.

When I told yh the above, he said this to me… “路遥知马力,日久见人心贞晶”… He changed the last two words to my name instead. Hahaha… My colleagues ought to see my desk at home. Bwhahahahahhahaa.

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